IANR Academic Program and Center Reviews

About every five to seven years, each unit and interdisciplinary center associated with IANR must conduct a program review. These reviews help improve unit programs and the efforts of faculty and staff. This allows for an examination of each unit's visions and plans to determine if they are appropriate to accomplish the unit's mission and address the needs of clientele.

It is essential that all faculty and staff actively participate in the planning and conduct of the review to ensure that a broad range of ideas and visions of the future are presented for consideration.

Visioning and program planning are essential elements for the continued success of IANR, unit, and individual faculty programs. The review adds credibility and validity to the unit's "blueprint" for the future. This verification of the unit's plans provides valuable input for making programmatic decisions within IANR, UNL, the Nebraska Coordinating Commission for Higher Education, accreditation boards and state government.

Dr. Héctor Santiago (Assistant Dean/Assistant Director) coordinates all IANR program reviews:  hsantiago@unl.edu   402-472-2179