Undergraduate Student Research Program Past Recipients

Year Awardee Department Project Title
2019 Alexa Kapla Animal Science Investigating the Genetic Basis of White Markings in Horses
2019 Benjamin Downing School of Natural Resources Gene Editing of A. thaliana RNA Dependent RNA Pilymerases with CRISPR/Cas9
2019 Claudia Antonika Plant Pathology Identification of PRRSV structural proteins capable of inducing protective immunity in pigs
2019 Cristian Wulkop Gil Biochemistry Fungicide Sensitivity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum Isolates Selected from Five States That Use Different Fungicide Treatments
2019 Earl Agpawa Entomology Characterization of Tolerance Mechanism in Nested Association Mapping Population Against Sugarcane Aphids, Melanaphis sacchari
2019 Eric Henning Biological Systems Engineering Carbon and Nitrogen Dynamics in Manure and Dedar Mulch Amended soil
2019 Heather Hunt Animal Science Development of guidelines to ensure the safety of sous vide cooked beef steaks
2019 Shalyn Miller Vet & Biomedical Sciences Application and validation of Fourier Transform-Infrared (FT-IR) Spectroscopy method to characterize Moraxella sp. isolated from cattle.
2019 Spencer Jones Biochemistry The Effects of Iron-Sulfur Clusters on Fluorescent Markers in Mycobacterium tuberculosis
2019 Ryley Thomas Environmental Studies Remediation strategies to reduce heavy metal uptake in lettuce grown in contaminated community garden soil in Lincoln, NE
2018 Blanche Butera School of Natural Resources The measure of terrestrial nematode diversity within disturbed agricultural soils and primary forest in the Volcanoes Park in Rwanda
2018 Cacey Wilken School of Natural Resources Influences on Denitrification and Nutrient Levels in Streams in Nebraska
2018 Caitlyn Deal Vet & Biomedical Sciences Investigations into the genetic basis of antimicrobial resistance in the bovine respiratory disease pathogen, Histophilus somni
2018 Carly Zimmer Biological Systems Engineering Integrated Effects of Water Management and Extreme Hydrometeorlogical Events on Streamflow and Nitrate Loads
2018 Daisy Guiza Beltran Biochemistry Structural and Mechanical Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis WhiB7 in Stress Response and Antibiotic Resistance
2018 Elly Glazier Nutrition & Health Sciences Stable Nitrogen Isotope Ratos - A Non-Invasive Marker of Protein Breakdown during Weight Loss
2018 Ethan Hoffert Entomology Evaluation of the effects of cover crops on the infestation rate, yield damage, and pupal development of western bean cutworm (Striacosta albicosta) in corn fields
2018 Holly White School of Natural Resources Undergraduate Teaching and Learning about Food, Energy, & Water in CASNR: A Multi-year Study
2018 Matthew Greiner School of Natural Resources Milkweed Characteristic in Agricultural Land: A focus on Monarch Butterflies' Health
2018 Mi Zhou Nutrition & Health Sciences Effects of n-3 PUFA Supplementation on Pregnancy-Induced Metabolic Adaptation in Mothers
2018 Nghi (Melody) Nguyen Biochemistry Determining the role of long non-Coding RNA Crnde in obesity-associated endothelial dysfunction
2018 Qiyue Chen Food Science & Technology Comparing Three Methods of Papaya and Peach Juice Preservation – Pasteurization, High Pressure Processing (HPP) and Drying into Instant Juice Powder
2018 Sydney D'Huyvetter Agronomy & Horticulture What Are the Yield and Soil Impacts of No-Till and Row Spacing in Organic Crop Production?
2018 Tanisha Talib Child, Youth & Family Studies Understanding the Scope of Indian Boarding Schools
2017 Alexa Davis School of Natural Resources Monitoring Electrical Conductivity in Stream Bed Sediments
2017 Alexander Lehmann Entomology The Role of Carrion Beetles in Agroecosystems of Western Nebraska
2017 Alexander Magsam Biological Systems Engineering Quantitative Imaging of Nonoparticles in Traumatic Brain Injusry
2017 Alison Bartenslager Animal Science Alternative Antibiotics
2017 Andrew Schacht Biochemistry Structure-Function Studies of WhiB3 in M. tuberculosis
2017 Erica Dolph Biological Systems Engineering Mobile Platform for Viewing and Transmitting Patient Data- A Transcranial Doppler Pilot Study
2017 Jasmine Hanson School of Biological Sciences Resistance of Various Strains of Staphylococcus aureus to Hand Sanitizers Due to Thickness of Cell Walls
2017 Kara Robbins Animal Science Application and Validation of the Matrix-Associated Laser Desorption Ionization Time of Flight (MALD I-TOF) Mass Spectrometry Method to Identify Moraxella Spp. Isolated From Cattle
2017 Patrick Woldstad Biological Systems Engineering Modeling Nutrient Loads in an "Agricultural" Watershed of the Upper Mississippi River
2017 Raihanah Hassim Agronomy & Horticulture What Are the Impacts of Long-Term Tillage Systems on Soil Compaction in Nebraska?
2017 Ryan Langemeier Agronomy & Horticulture Phenotyping of Root System Architecture Diversity in Corn
2016 Aaron Knapp School of Natural Resources Genomic approaches to understanding Corn lethal necrosis
2016 Allison Porter Biological Systems Engineering Extending a Cerebrovascular Pilot Study by Examining Healthy and Concussed Individuals Using a Novel Breath-Holding Index
2016 Anthony Pannullo Biological Sciences Population Genetic Diversity of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum, Causal Agent of White Mold Disease of Dry Bean, and Implications for Fungicide Resistance / Disease Management
2016 Chris Lindeman Biochemistry Effect of Maternal Obesity on Muscle Proliferation in the Development of Diabetes in Offspring
2016 Colton Roessner Biochemistry Investigating the Role of OMA1 Mutations Correlated to Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis
2016 Griffin Nuzzo School of Natural Resources Mapping permeability distribution in the Platte River Streambed
2016 Kristina Zvolanek Biological Systems Engineering Cerebral Hemodynamic Pattern Differences in Children with Reading Disabilities- A Transcranial Doppler Pilot Study
2016 Matthew Russell School of Natural Resources Validating the Cosmic-ray Neuton Method for Estimating Soil Moisture
2016 Mikayla Locke Nutrition & Health Sciences Identification of Biological Markers of Energy Deficiency in Exercising Men
2016 Ngan Hoang Biochemistry Regulation of mTOR Growth Pathways by Copper
2016 Samuel Taylor Biochemistry Evaluation of Compounds that Inhibit Fatty Acid Uptake in Mice
2015 Jazmin Castillo School of Natural Resources Estimation of Distribution and Abundance of the Spotted Hyena (Crocuta crocuta) in the Northern Tuli Game Reserve, Botswana
2015 Yen Ning Chai Biochemistry The Relationship between Sweet Sorghum and Nitrogen Fixing Endophytes
2015 Elli Dearmont Animal Science The Effects of Housing Systems on Stress Levels in Female Chickens
2015 Heaven Hulshizer School of Natural Resources The Measure of Terrestrial Nematode Diversity in Response to Varying Landscape and Management Practices Made in Restored Prairie Ecosystems
2015 Daniel Rico School of Natural Resources Toward a Seasonal Agricultural Drought Forecast System
2015 Jenna Rifer Animal Science Effect of High Androgen Concentrations on Granulosa Cell 17B-Estradiol Production and Expression of CYP419A1, the Enzyme Regulating 17B-Estradiol Synthesis
2015 Dallas Williams School of Natural Resources What are the Implications of Organic Farming on Soil Physical Environment?
2015 Yue Yu School of Natural Resources Effects of Antibiotic Uses in Beef Cattle on Antimicrobial Resistance in Live Animals: Systemic Review Approach
2015 Alexander Schimitz Center for Biotechnology Identification of Endophytic Microorganisms via Cytological Cell Sorting and iChip Culturing
2015 Blake Stewart Mechanical Engineering Experimental Method of Verifying Vibrational Disturbances and Responses of a Cable Driven Parallel Manipulator
2015 Elizabeth Carreiro Animal Science Morphological and Functional Analysis of GnRHR2 Knockdown Boar Testes
2015 Matt O'Dell Biochemistry Determination of the Roles for Copper in Cellular Growth Signaling
2015 Tang Wei School of Natural Resources Sources of Hydrological Drought Predictability Using the Pacific Decadal Oscillation in Nebraska and California
2014 Olivia Sonderman Plant Pathology Discovering New Chloroviruses in Nature
2014 Tasneem Bouzid Biological Systems Engineering Effects of Blood Velocity on Balance Measures
2014 Travis Schreier Biochemistry Development of an Algorithm for Approaching Combinatorial Drug Treatments on Large-Scale Metabolic Cellular Models
2014 Ellie Smith-Eskridge Agronomy & Horticulture Assessing he Effects of Water Stress on Early Wheat Growth in Winter Wheat
2014 Aaron John Matzke Biological Systems Engineering Developing a Heat Transfer Computer Model for Frozen Microwaveable Pepperoni Pizza
2014 Mary Klosterman Animal Science Gut Microbe and Mammal Host Comparison and Co‐Evolution
2014 Whitney Drahota Child, Youth & Family Studies Influences on Children’s Knowledge about Nature and Environmental Moral Reasoning
2014 James Yong Biological Systems Engineering Cost Effective Acoustic Output Measurements for Transcranial Doppler Ultrasound
2013 Eric Shuman Biochemistry Roles for a Superoxide Dismutase and p53 Tumor Suppressor in Cellular Responses to Copper Limitation
2013 Ashley Thelen Biochemistry Allosteric Regulation of UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase
2013 Sarah Barnes Animal Science Investigation of the Functional Locus that Induces Juvenile Cateract in Mice
2013 Tyler Chonis Biochemistry Taxonomic Diversity & Characterization of the Enzyme PPDK in Cultivars of Switchgrass
2013 Cynthia Nguyen Food Science & Technology Determination of Optimal Extraction Methods for Health Promoting Antioxidative Phenols in Cynodon dactylon and Poa supine
2012 Amanda Brandt Animal Science Implications of Morphology and Gene Expression Differences Due to Obesity on Mail and Female Fertility
2012 Nicole Searcey School of Natural Resources Moquegua River Valley Mummy Lice Comparative Study
2012 Lindsay Leikam Biochemistry Effects of Histidine Residue 514 in Ubiquinone Binding in E. coli PutA
2012 Iam Parsley Biological Systems Engineering Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback Training
2012 Abigail Berkebile Biochemistry Structural Analysis of the Active Site of Hyaluronidase I Inhibition of Hyaluronidase I by Semi-Synthetic Glycosaminoglycosan Ether
2012 Jessica Erin Fostvedt Biochemistry The Development of a Nuclear Expression System Utilizing Various Combinations of mCherry-2A-Gene of Interest Fusions in the Algae Species Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
2012 Matthew Hessel Biochemistry Molecular Determinants of the Substrate Specificity ofPca1, a Cadmium-Extruding P1B-type ATPase
2012 Steven Wahlmeier Biochemistry Partitioning of Carbon into Structural and Non-structural Carbohydrates and Other Metabolites in Switchgrass Tissues using 13C Isotope Ratio Mass Spectrometry
2009 Melissa Steiner Animal Science Discovery of the Causative Mutation for the Juvenile Cataract Gene in Mice
2009 Robin Easterly Animal Science Dissection of Genetic Loci Associated with Sow Reproductive Longevity
2009 Jane Tsui Biochemistry Characterization of Redox/Gllucocorticoid Signaling in the Hippocampal Neurons of Mice with Inherited Variation in Stress Responses and Anxiety-type Behaviors
2009 Heidi Gengenbach Biological System Engineering Engineering the Cell-Biomaterial Interface for Nonviral Gene Delivery
2009 Allison Mettler Biological System Engineering MR and Tissue Engineering
2009 Jeffrey Belmont Characterization of a Pathogenic Emericella nidulans Isolate
2008 Kelsey Swartz Biochemistry Hybrid Rubisco Enzymes
2008 Joshua Bies Biochemistry Identification Characterization of Cadmium Efflux Pump in Aspergillus fumigatas
2008 Alisha O'Malley Biochemistry Structural Determinations of UDP-Glucose Dehydrogenase
2008 Dennis Bierle Biological System Engineering Tissue Characterization using Hyperspectral Imaging
2008 Lindsey Hofman Animal Science Insulin Regulation of Mitotic Kinases and Connexions in Mouse Granulosa Cells
2008 Lisa Karel Biological System Engineering Regulation of Heart Rate Variability with ECG Biofeedback