Departments Computer Science and Engineering
School of Natural Resources

Plant Vision Initiative lab members

Choudhury is a computer scientist, she works on classifying plant phenotypes (above-ground part) into two categories: holistic and component. Holistic phenotypes are computed by considering the whole plant as a single object, whereas component phenotypes consider the individual components of the plants, i.e., leaves, stem and the reproductive organs (fruits and flowers). She performs dynamic and physiological analysis to detect important events in plants, i.e., germination time, emergence, growth, fruits and flowers by analyzing different image modalities, e.g., visible light, hyperspectral, infra-red and near infra-red image sequences. She uses hyperspectral image sequences for example to determine the physiological plant characteristics, i.e., carbohydrate content in the stem, stem characteristics during the transition phase from the vegetative stage to reproductive stage.