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Plant Phenotyping Facilities at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln offer the opportunity to use imaging tools to dissect plant phenotypic traits in a high throughput manner. Gathering phenomics data provides a new avenue for plant biologists to integrate physiological and detailed morphological time course data with genomic data and use computational methods to gain insight on plant development and the basic mechanisms underlying resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses. The long-term goal is to translate findings to enhance sustainability of crop production and improve our understanding of plant biology and physiology. Infrastructure investments have been made to establish a phenotyping chamber for small model plants with 4 cameras (LemnaTec HTS), and an automated, high-throughput plant phenotyping platform (Lemnatec 3D) in a greenhouse that includes a conveyor belt with 672 plants capacity and 4 imaging chambers. A one acre field phenotyping site under an automated cable suspended carrier system (Spidercam) holding multiple instruments has also recently been installed. The field-based platform is situated over a state-of-the-art subsurface drip irrigation system for control of water and nutrient delivery to 130 (15*20 ft) microplots. Data are stored at the Holland Computing Center at UNL and backed up offsite.

The facilities are available to faculty and partners to use for research at a reasonable fee. In addition to regular services, we have access to several partners on campus that offer additional services at the request of the investigator.

Plant Greenhouse

LemnaTec 3D High Throughput ScanalyzerNebraska Innovation Campus Greenhouse

An automated, high-throughput plant phenotyping platform system that includes greenhouse bays and an automated conveyor belt with 672 plant capacity.

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Spidercam®Field Phenotyping Facility

One acre field phenotyping site features an automated cable suspended carrier system that holds multiple cameras and sensors for positioning over plots.

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LemnaTec HTS ScanalyzerBeadle HTS Chamber

This system specializes in small plants and other organisms and is equipped with 4 types of sensing and imaging cameras (visible, infra-red, near infra-red and fluorescent).

Beadle HTS Chamber