Archie C. Clutter, Ph.D.

Archie C. Clutter, Ph.D. Dean and Director

  • Optimize life science, agricultural and natural resources, research capabilities of 40,000+ acres, 250+ research faculty, 4 research centers across the state and an annual budget of $80 million in grants and contracts
  • Interact with other administrative leaders on campus and across the country, as well as stakeholders, including commodity organizations, to help shape IANR's life and social science research agenda
  • Leverage the unique abilities within ARD for transdisciplinary, integrated research across basic, translational and applied sciences towards the demands of a quickly growing global population
  • Core Value Goals for the ARD Culture:
    • Transparency
    • Accountability
    • Collaboration
    • Excellence
    • Value of Feedback
    • Respect
    • Inclusiveness
Deb Hamernik, Ph.D.

Deb Hamernik, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Associate Director

  • Holds an IANR appointment to administer the USDA Capacity Programs including the Hatch funding portfolio of regular and multistate projects, Animal Health and McIntire-Stennis
  • Facilitates faculty interactions and networking with program directors at federal funding agencies
  • Links IANR faculty with University of Nebraska resources to enhance competitiveness for external funding and increases scientific impact
  • Assists with coordination of federal relations for IANR
Tala Awada

Tala Awada, Ph.D. Associate Dean and Associate Director

  • Contributes leadership to the Consortium for Integrated Translational Biology (CITB), the UNL Plant Phenotyping committee, and the UNL USDA-ARS Long-term Agroecosystem Research (LTAR) Network on the Platte River and High Plains Aquifer 
  • Provides support for team building, transdisciplinary research, and high-performing research teams
  • Approves IANR external applications for funding and conflict of interest and outside activities reporting in NUgrant
  • Administers the ARD Undergraduate Student Research competitive grant program, the Graduate Students Fellowship program, and the Larrick/Whitmore Graduate Student Travel Grants
  • Serves as the administrative point of contact for Activity Insight
  • Assists the Dean and Director, in conjunction with other ARD staff, in coordinating and facilitating IANR's broad research mission
Héctor L. Santiago Anadón, Ph.D.

Héctor L. Santiago Anadón, Ph.D. Assistant Dean and Assistant Director

  • Provides oversight for land resources and support for research infrastructure at IANR research, and integrated research and extension facilities, in coordination with departments and center directors
  • As part of this coordinated oversight, he leads the UNL Biotechnology Quality Management System (BQMS) program to maintain compliance with federal regulations for conducting research with regulated, genetically engineered crops, and he interfaces with the Greenhouse and Plant Phenotyping Committees
  • IANR liaison to Nebraska commodity boards, and coordinates Academic Program Reviews within IANR
  • Assists the Dean and Director, in conjunction with other ARD staff, in coordinating and facilitating IANR's broad research mission
Jared Evert

Jared Evert Finance and Office Manager

  • Management Support for the ARD Deans
  • Oversight of ARD Finances, Internal Budgeting & Awards, Office Operations and Staff
  • Financial Analysis and Reporting
  • Strategically Manage Budgets for IANR and ARD Service Centers
  • Programmatic reporting for External Research Funding
Jennifer McMahon

Jennifer McMahon Data Management Specialist

  • Strategically Manage Programmatic Data and Internal/External Reporting
    • Commodity Boards
    • USDA Capacity Funds (Hatch, Multi-State, Animal Health, McIntire-Stennis)
    • Activity Insight
  • Biotechnology Quality Management System (BQMS) Support
  • Assist with Management of ARD Finances
photo of Kaitlyn Smejdir

Kaitlyn Smejdir Administrative Associate

  • Administrative Support for the ARD Deans and Staff
  • Event Planning, Scheduling and Special Projects
  • Travel Coordination and Reimbursement
  • General Office Support and Primary Point-of-Contact
  • Federal Excess Personal Property (FEPP) contact
Amy Kunce

Amy Kunce Office Associate

  • Administrative support back-up
  • General office support back-up
  • Special projects