Students in James Schnable's lab.

The Schnable lab works with the "Data Analysis" team within the Center for Integrative Translational Biology to develop and deploy new algorithms, tools, and datasets for high throughput plant phenotyping. We then apply these tools to quantitative genetic and classical genetic problems, identifying the genes and alleles responsible for variation in novel phenotypes linked to agronomic performance under different sets of field conditions. Currently our work focuses on a set of expired Plant Variety Patent hybrids which are also being grown and phenotyped in fields across the country as part of the Genomes to Fields consortium, and a widely used sorghum GWAS panel. Our work in this area is supported by the USDA, NSF EPSCoR, the Department of Energy's ARPA-E and by internal funding from the University of Nebraska Lincoln.

The Plant Phenome Journal webinar by James Schnable describing the key
advances from this paper to a wider audience