David H. and Annie E. Larrick Graduate Student Travel Award

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The David H. and Annie E. Larrick Graduate Student Travel Awards Program, granted on a competitive basis, provides funding for graduate students who are personally presenting the results of their research and/or scholarly activity at professional meetings

The maximum award is $350 and is awarded on a competitive basis. Students may only receive one travel award per degree program (1 for M.S. and 1 for Ph.D.). Recipients who are unable to participate in the awarded meeting must inform ARD as soon as possible to preserve eligibility for future funding consideration within the same degree program.

The funds may be applied to registration fees for in person or virtual conferences, as well as travel expenses for in-person meetings, transportation charges not to exceed economy class airfare, lodging, meals, etc.

All currently registered graduate students, whose advisor or co-advisor has an IANR research appointment, including Science Literacy, are eligible to apply. This includes graduate students supervised by faculty of any rank and others with IANR adjunct appointments that have been previously grant-active and such awards or proposals have been recorded with a PCS code of Research and routed via IANR within UNL’s NUgrant system.

Funding decisions will be made two times yearly in January and June. Applications must be submitted by the student's Department.

Please contact ARD ard@unl.edu if you have any questions, or check out our FAQ.


Friday, May 24, 2024

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