Graduate Fellowships FAQ

The following refer to the research fellowships and awards only; managed via the Agricultural Research Division.

What are the requirements for each fellowship?

The requirements can be found on the ARD website or the Request for Nominations Announcement.

How do I fill in and submit the application form?

Download and save the application form to your computer, then

  1. After filling out the Student Information Section of the form (Acrobat Reader) attach or insert the supporting documents (see below).
  2. Save the pdf with the following naming protocol: FirstName LastName_Name of Fellowship Applied For.pdf
    (ex. Herbie Husker_Skala.pdf or Heidi Husker_Widaman.pdf.)
  3. Forward the form as an email attachment to your department for completion and signature.
  4. Your department will submit the signed form to ARD. Do not send the nomination form to ARD directly; it must be submitted by your department.
  5. A confirmation email will be sent to your department upon receipt and processing of the application.
What supporting files are required?

Provide the following four (4) documents:

  • A one (1) page description of the research work or plan (12 point font, 1 inch margins). This description MUST include relevant information that demonstrates eligibility for particular award(s)
  • A two (2) page curriculum vitae that, as applicable, includes relevant experiences and/or community service applicable to the award type
  • One (1) nomination/reference letter and
  • An advising (unofficial) or formal transcript of all graduate UNL coursework. (Students with less than two semesters at UNL should include a transcript showing the last two years of their most recent academic enrollments.)
    • Students with less than two semesters at UNL should include a transcript showing the last two years of their most recent academic enrollments.
    • Students must have completed at a minimum one semester at UNL at the time of the nomination.
What format should the supporting documents use?

While many types of files can be attached to the form, pdf (portable document format) files are preferred.

How do I get a copy of my transcript?

You can request an electronic transcript via MyRed. This can be either an advising (unofficial) or formal copy.

To order an unofficial transcript:

  1. Log in to MyRed
  2. Under “Academics” Select “Unofficial Transcript”
  3. Click on “View Report”
  4. The transcript will open in a new browser window
  5. Save the file, which then can be attached to your nomination form
Can I apply for more than one fellowship at a time?

Students applying for a research fellowship or award have the option to be considered for more than one fellowship/award, however no student will receive more than one fellowship/award within a single year. Indicate the top choice (one choice only) on the form, then mark your willingness to be considered for other applicable awards in the area provided.

Please submit only one application per round.

Can I receive an award if I have been granted one previously?

The Widaman or Shear-Miles award(s) may be received only once during your academic program. If you have previously been awarded one, you are eligible to apply for the other.

The Hardin, Moseman, and Skala Fellowships may be awarded more than once.

How soon after the application deadline will we be informed if we are awarded a fellowship?

Generally, it will take four to six weeks after the deadline for the announcements to be made.

How will the finances be distributed?

Graduate Fellowship funding paperwork will be filed by the applicable Business Center or departmental graduate contact in accordance with UNL Payroll and Graduate Studies processing policies and timelines.

Who is the point of contact for problems or questions regarding the Graduate Fellowships?

If you have questions on how to fill out the form, you may contact
If you require help in sending the form itself, please contact your department administration.
If you have a question re: the Milton Mohr, Farmers National Fellowships or any other Teaching/CASNR-related awards, please visit

I have a question about the Milton E. Mohr, Cooper Sharpless Fellowship, and Farmers National Fellowship.

If you have a question re: the Milton E. Mohr, Farmers National Fellowships, or any other Teaching/CASNR-related awards, please visit, or contact Melissa Sailors.