ARD Strategic (Miscellaneous) Funding


DESCRIPTION, INTENT, EXPECTATIONS and OUTCOMES: The intent of this program is to provide funding support for unique short-term needs not met by state allocations, grants, or other internal funding programs. We anticipate evaluating funding requests for travel to research sites, temporary operating and/or personnel salary shortfalls, equipment/equipment repair, cash-flow loans, facility upgrades, and other miscellaneous items. Faculty requests must have the full support of the appropriate unit administrator; awards will frequently require unit cost- share. Prior to making an application, faculty and unit administrations should determine if there are other existing internal competitive programs designed to address the need(s). Faculty travel support to make presentations, foundation-funded programs, multistate projects, and grant-related bridge funding support opportunities are available from ARD; the Office of Research Economic Development, the Research Council, and IANR affiliated colleges/divisions (CASNR, CEHS and/or Extension) are also potential funding sources. Funding requests for projects previously declined for funding under ARD’s other competitive internal grant programs should not be made, unless the original application was determined to be ineligible based on not meeting programmatic or eligibility requirements. We expect all funding provided under this program to strengthen and support ARD’s and UNL’s research mission.

ELIGIBILITY and ADMINISTRATION: On the project start date, the Project Director/lead Principal Investigator (PI) must have a tenure-track appointment with ARD; those with adjunct appointments or those with research assistant, associate or full professor titles are also eligible if they have been previously grant active and such grants or proposals have been recorded with a PCS code of “Research” and routed via IANR within UNL's NUgrant system. 

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