ARD Bridge and Revision Funding

Deadline: Friday, March 3, 2017
Friday, June 2, 2017
Friday, September 1, 2017
Friday, December 1, 2017


PURPOSE:  The goal of this program is to provide funding to IANR faculty with an ARD appointment whose recent applications for extramural research funding received favorable reviews but were not funded. This program will support two categories of projects:

  1. Bridge funding is meant to provide support between one extramurally funded project and another, with the intent being to sustain research projects while faculty reapply for extramural funding.
  2. Revision funding is meant to provide support for faculty to revise and resubmit a new application to a federal research agency or a foundation that received meritorious scores, but was not funded. See “eligibility” for additional details.
This Bridge or Revision support mechanism is designed to provide a limited level of funding to maintain salaries for current project employees and/or trainees, collect additional preliminary data, and address the concerns of external reviewers thereby enhancing the competitiveness of IANR faculty for extramural research funding. This program is not designed to provide seed funding for collection of preliminary data used to support new applications for research funding.

Before applying for ARD Bridge or Revision Funding IANR faculty must communicate with appropriate IANR Unit Administrators (e.g., Department Head/Chair and/or Center Director) to discuss the availability of matching funds from the unit(s). ARD Bridge or Revision grants will usually require matching funds from the unit.

TIMELINE: ARD will accept applications for Bridge or Revision funding on a quarterly basis throughout the year. Applications must be submitted and administrative routing completed in NUgrant by 5:00 p.m. on the first Friday of March, June, September, and December. Please allow at least six weeks between submission of an application and a final decision.

ELIGIBILITY: The Project Director (PD)/Principal Investigator (PI) must have a tenure-track appointment with ARD. Faculty with an adjunct appointment in IANR are also eligible if they have been previously grant-active and such grants were recorded as IANR research grants (PCS code - Research) in NUgrant. Applications may include co-PDs and collaborators that are affiliated with any University of Nebraska campus or be employed outside the University of Nebraska system.

Applicants to the ARD Bridge or Revision Funding program must have been the PD/PI on an IANR-led competitive application for at least $450,000 (total costs) in research funding that was submitted to a federal agency or foundation within the previous 18 months. If the application was submitted to NIH, the application must have been scored. NIH applications that are not scored are not eligible for the ARD Bridge or Revision Funding program. If the application was submitted to USDA, NSF, or other federal research agencies or foundations, the application must have ranked in medium priority (or higher) or ranked in the top 33% of all applications submitted to the competitive grant program during the most-recent submission cycle. If the application was ranked in medium priority, the applicant must include evidence of communication with the federal Program Officer regarding their level of enthusiasm for resubmission of a revised application.

IANR faculty are also encouraged to consider applying for a Revision Award from the Office of Research and Economic Development (ORED). Faculty are encouraged to consult with Deb Hamernik ( or Nathan Meier ( to determine which program is a better fit for their project. IANR faculty will be limited to receiving one award from either the ARD Bridge or Revision Funding program or the ORED Revision Awards program during a calendar year. The ORED Revision Awards are designed to provide a framework for dedicated technical and research administration assistance and, in cases where additional data collection or prior work is critical, funding to support further preliminary study. The RFA for ORED Revision Awards is available at: Scroll down to Revision Awards and click Application Information.

Faculty interested in revising and resubmitting unfunded proposals that do not meet the eligibility guidelines described in the ORED RFA are encouraged to contact Tisha Gilreath Mullen, Director Office of Proposal Development ( and to utilize the ORED program for expert review of grant proposals (

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