IANR Travel Grant


PROGRAM UPDATE regarding the competitive program that provides funding for IANR faculty (research, teaching, and/or extension) to travel and give scholarly presentations.

Since July 1, 2016 (e.g., the start of state fiscal year 2017), a total of $28,100 has been provided to 47 IANR faculty to travel to conferences and give scholarly presentations. Note that this amount exceeds our annual allocation of $25,000 for this purpose. Thus, the IANR Travel Fund competitive grant program is temporarily suspended for the remainder of state fiscal year 2017.

Pending allocation of the state fiscal year 2018 budget for UNL, the IANR Travel Funding competitive grant program may re-open for IANR faculty to travel to conferences and give scholarly presentations in state fiscal year 2018 (e.g., after July 1, 2017). We anticipate providing another update on the status of the IANR Travel Fund competitive grant program in March 2017 (approximately one month prior to the expected April 15 review of applications).

 Please note that Dr. Gary Brewer (interim associate dean, ARD and interim associate director, Nebraska Agricultural Experiment Station) has agreed to serve as the interim director of this program effective January 1, 2017.


The IANR Travel funds are granted quarterly on a competitive basis for faculty travel to present original scholarly work at professional and scholarly meetings (Research, Teaching and/or Extension).

Funds from this program are limited to one award per faculty member per UNL fiscal year (July 1 to June 30, inclusive). Funds cannot exceed $500 per trip (U.S. or Canada) or $800 per trip (other international travel). Expenses can include transportation (not to exceed coach class airfare), registration, lodging, meals, etc. Approved University travel procedures must be followed.


All IANR faculty (including Extension Educators) are eligible. Applicants must be full time (1.0 FTE). Postdoctoral Fellows are not eligible. The applicant must also be the presenter. This program is highly subscribed;; we often cannot fund all eligible applicants. Priority will usually be given to early career faculty.

Submission Instructions and Application Format

Applications for these awards will be accepted ONLY via NUgrant (http://nugrant.unl.edu). Paper or emailed applications will not be accepted. If you are a first- time user of NUgrant, you can log-in using your My.UNL username and password. To start your application, after login, click “[add new]” next to the “Internal Competitions” link. Select “IANR Travel Fund.

Download the Full Request for Applications